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The Home Page contains general information about the Churchman family and the Churchman Genealogy website. We've also included some interesting highlights and information that we've found in our research. This is the page that you'll always see first.
The Descendants Chart shows the family relationships of all Churchman's (that we know about) to the original immigrant, John Churchman. Names that are underlined have a biography page that you can reach by clicking on their name. New entries New, updated entries and pictures Pictures are highlighted.
The Search Page allows you to search the entire website. There are two ways to search:
  • Name search searches the Descendants Chart for a specific name or names. It is the easiest way to find the name of someone that you're looking for. Once you've found a name of interest, click on the name to move to the person's entry in the Descendants Chart. Click here for tips on name searches.
  • Word search searches all the text on every page for a word, phrase, or name. This is the most comprehensive search tool. Once you find a page of interest, click on that page's title to go directly to the page. Click here for tips on word searches.
The Surnames Index provides an alphabetical list of all surnames contained in the Descendants Chart. More than 400 surnames are listed. Choose a letter to move to the surname, then click on a surname to get a list of individuals with that surname.
The History Page contains links to a brief history of the Churchman Family, historical sites, and historical documents about the Churchman family.
The Links Page lists other sources of information about the Churchman family or about genealogy. Click on any of the underlined links to go to the site.
What's New will take you to our update page, where we post the latest changes and additions to the website. We also try to give credit there for all of the great help we get with the site.
The Help Page (this page) will help you when you have questions about the website. Click on the Help button from any page to return here.

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