Daisy Churchman

James and Daisy Sargent
Jim and Daisy Sargent
June, 1957

Father: Aaron Alexander Churchman, b. January 2, 1860 in Tennessee

Mother: Sarah Fleet Neighbors, b. February 18, 1862 in Cowan, Franklin County, TN -- d. September 15, 1940 in Cowan, TN

Family 1: James Calvin Sargent, b. April 6, 1883 in Franklin County, TN -- d. September, 1971 in Cowan, TN -- parents are John B. and Louise Garner Sargent

  1. Elma Ruth Sargent, b. September 25, 1906 in Cowan, Tennessee
  2. Agnes L. Sargent, b. December 27, 1908 in Cowan, Tennessee
  3. Mary A. Sargent, b. March 9, 1912 in Cowan, Tennessee


  1. Family info from Ruth Sargent in May, 1976
  2. Research by Sandra Pryor
  3. Family Record from Bible of John Churchman, son of A. A. Churchman (copied and sent to Sandra Pryor from Ruth Sargent 6/24/1976)
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