Francis McClintock Churchman

Francis M. Churchman
Francis M. Churchman

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Father: Micajah Churchman, b. August 7, 1791

Mother: Sarah M. May -- widow of Rev. Thomas May and daughter of Francis and Mary McClintock of Philadelphia, PA

Family 1: Anna J. Churchman -- adopted daughter of William H. Churchman and Mary Marshall -- d. June 19, 1902 while on a visit to her daughter, Nettie, in Pittsburgh, PA.

  1. Nettie Churchman, b. May 19, 1860 in Janesville, Wisconsin
  2. Anna Lindley Churchman, b. April 20, 1863 -- d. July 17, 1865 at "Hillside"
  3. William Francis Churchman, b. January 22, 1865
  4. Edward Micajah Churchman, b. June 21, 1869
  5. Frank Fletcher Churchman, b. August 11, 1872
  6. Henry Cottman Churchman, b. June 29, 1875
  7. Robert McClintock Churchman, b. December 22, 1877


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  2. Picture from "So This Was Hillside" by Frank Lindley Churchman, 1979
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