Mrs. Smoot Dies on Golden
Wedding Day After Celebration


Life Takes Flight Gently at the
Close of Happy Day.

From the kindling of the first fire on the hearthstone of their Kentucky home, and the hanging of the crane just fifty years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smoot lived their entire wedded life in Kentucky; and yesterday, on the day which marked the passing of their fiftieth year of married life, surrounded by children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, with golden wedding bells ringing clearly their joyous message, the gentle spirit of the wife and mother passes out with the ending of her golden wedding day.

All the living children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Smoot gathered at the old homestead at South Park yesterday morning to celebrate the golden jubilee. Five sons and daughters and more than thirty grandchildren were present. Mrs. Smoot had not been strong for some time, and yesterday she confessed that she felt too weak to join heartily in the festivities, but preferred to remain by the fireside and watch the celebration of her children. At dinner time she walked to the dining room, and expressed her pleasure at the beautiful arrangement of the "wedding table", surrounded by her children. Late on the afternoon, however, she became suddenly weaker, and died at nine o'clock last night.

Mrs. Smoot was Miss Pliney Churchman before her marriage, and both she and her husband were native Kentuckians, and spent their entire married life here, having lived in their present home for more than forty years. Mrs. Smoot is survived by her husband, and five children. Her daughters are Mrs. Nannie E. Betz, of Louisville; Mrs. Sallie Fisher, of Louisville; and Mrs. Bettie Stephens, of Paris, Indiana. Her sons, Thomas Smoot and Charles Smoot.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed, but will be announced later.

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