John Churchman

Land bought by William Penn
This map shows Chester County
and other land bought from the indians by William Penn
John Churchman's Will
John Churchman's Will



Family 1: Hannah Seary (Cerie), b. ca 1676 in Oxford, England

Five of John and Hannah Churchman's children married five member of the Rev. Richard Browne's family. Dinah Churchman married one of his grandsons, Mercer Brown. Susanna, John, and Miriam Churchman each married one of the children of William Brown (grandson of Rev. Richard Browne) and Hester Baker. William Churchman married one of the daughters of Daniel Brown (grandson of Rev. Richard Browne) and Elizabeth Kirk.
  1. George Churchman, b. September 13, 1697 in Chester Township, PA
  2. Dinah Churchman, b. August 7, 1699 in Chester Township, PA
  3. Susanna Churchman, b. September 13, 1701 in Chester Township, PA
  4. John Churchman, b. October 29, 1703 -- d. November 8, 1703
  5. John Churchman, b. August 4, 1705
  6. Thomas Churchman, b. January 16, 1708
  7. Miriam Churchman, b. October 25, 1710
  8. Edward Churchman, b. November 14, 1713
  9. Sarah Churchman, b. May 17, 1716
  10. William Churchman, b. January 29, 1721


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